10 tips for exam success

Debbie Fitchsampson Counselling - 10 tips for exam success

10 tips for exam success

If you are in the exam season you will know how stressful this can be. Here are some tips to help you through your revision and towards exam success.

1. Routine

Keep to a routine and don’t make any significant changes right now. If you usually go to bed at 10pm stay with this. If you go to bed at 9pm because you have an exam in the morning you may find you spend that extra hour trying to get to sleep.

2. Keep calm

Try to stop your worries running away with you. Don’t let yourself think of the worse case scenario, or catastrophise as it is sometimes called. Your exams may go really well, try to keep this positive thought in your head. Don’t waste energy worrying.

3. Focus – on you

Stay focussed. Avoid panic chat with friends, either on-line or before an exam. By all means support a friend who needs a bit of encouragement, but keep your focus on you. This is your time and you matter.

4. Plan

Plan your revision timetable, keep the sessions short and focussed.

5. Mix it up

Mix up the revision, keep it interesting, don’t just read through notes. Make flash cards, draw pictures and diagrams, make posters, anything that works for you. Get someone to test you.

6. Get outside

Take regular 15 minute fresh air breaks, kick a ball around, play with your pet, walk around the garden.

7. Take a break

Take a break from your phone. Keep those YouTube videos you are waiting to watch for another day. They will still be there!

8. Eat well

Allow yourself a few treats, we all need them sometimes but eat the healthy stuff as well.

9. Sleep

Try to get a good nights rest throughout the exam period. Have a good routine and stick to it. Don’t stay up really late cramming, you will be tired in the exam and whilst you might remember an extra fact or two from last night, you will be sluggish.

10. Allow time

Avoid rushing as this can make you feel anxious. On exam days allow yourself a little extra time, for a good breakfast, for travel, for last minute trips to the toilet.

and one last tip….calm yourself with some relaxing breathing before and during each exam.

Good luck

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