Journal Writing

Journal Writing

If you keep a journal you may already know what a useful process it is, if you don’t keep one perhaps I can persuade you to consider it. Either way I hope this article will provide you with a few useful tips about journal writing.

Journal writing is not a new concept, it has been around for a very long time, and today a lot of people are practicing it. I feel there is something special about journal writing that helps us to process our inner thoughts and feelings

The benefits of Journal Writing

Journal writing provides us with a [

An Uncomfortable Experience

This is my first post to my new blog and I confess I feel quite uncomfortable writing it. Firstly I am wondering what to write about and secondly I am wondering if anyone will read it. This reminds me that for most of us moving outside our comfort zone can be an uncomfortable experience.

I am reminded of this nearly every time I see a new client. It is not an easy process to find your way into a counselling room and to start talking about yourself to a counsellor. Over time however, most clients are able to relax and [Read more …]