Couples Counselling – support for your relationship

Couples and relationship counselling with Debbie Fitchsampson. Bishop's Cleeve and Cheltenham. Talking therapy helpsCouples counselling or relationship counselling involves both partners together in counselling. As a couple you may be experiencing a particular difficulty or have more general problems. One or both of you may be hoping to work things through or you may be looking to decide if the relationship should end.

Having time and space to talk through your concerns can help to make things clearer and help you find a way forward.

In couples counselling you can:

  • develop improved, more honest and open communication
  • feel listened to by your partner and by your counsellor
  • have a space where difficulties can safely be explored
  • gain a better understanding of yourself and your needs
  • gaining a better understanding of your partner and your partner’s needs
  • learn to regain lost intimacy

In couples counselling I will listen carefully to you both. I will remain neutral and work hard to understand your individual perspectives and to help you understand each other’s perspective and needs.

Couples counselling can be arranged for weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

Typically couples come to counselling for between 6 to 10 sessions depending on your individual circumstances.

Couples counselling is charged at £60 per 60 minute session.

You can contact me either by phone or email. All enquiries will be dealt with quickly and confidentially.