Individual Counselling – getting the right support for you

Individual Counselling in Cheltenham and Bishop's Cleeve with Debbie Fitchsampson
You may be turning to counselling as a result of a significant life event that has left you struggling, such as a relationship breakdown, a trauma, a situation at work, a bereavement, or diagnoses of an illness.

Perhaps you have other difficulties in your life, such as childhood trauma or abuse, reoccurring depression or anxiety, anger problems, self-harm or reckless behaviour, panic attacks, feeling bad tempered, or generally struggling with life.

Through individual counselling you can:

  • gain a clearer understanding of yourself and your present situation
  • have a safe space to talk through issues and say things you wouldn’t say to family and friends
  • explore change
  • help to manage certain behaviours and emotions
  • receive support and encouragement to break cycles of behaviour
  • increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • learn to be more assertive
  • improve your relationships
  • learn to accept and come to terms with difficulties
  • have help and support through illness and chronic health conditions

When we meet we can explore whether we feel we can work together and think about the approach you might need. We can decide on a certain number of sessions or leave this open at this stage.

Typically individual counselling is arranged for weekly sessions, however I can offer flexibility to accommodate your individual needs. Individual counselling is charged at £45 per 50 minute session.

You can contact me either by phone or email. All enquiries will be dealt with quickly and confidentially.