Counselling in Cheltenham and Bishop’s Cleeve

Why you might be looking for counselling.

Are you finding your life or your relationships a struggle? Whether something has recently happened, or if you have been feeling low for a long time, then a talking therapy such as counselling can really help.

Counselling can help if you are struggling with anxiety or depression, relationships, feeling angry, have a history of self-harm or reckless behaviour, suffer with panic attacks, feeling bad tempered, childhood trauma or abuse.

Perhaps something has happened to leave you feeling low – a relationship breakdown, a trauma, a situation at work, a bereavement, or diagnoses of an illness. Talking about these sorts of difficulties can really help.

I am Debbie Fitchsampson, a qualified, experienced counsellor with over ten years of experience seeing a wide range of different people. I have been providing counselling in my private practice since 2011 and with a large charity since 2006.

I feel passionate about the benefits of counselling. My approach is to really listen to you and to understand what this means to you. I will not judge you or tell you what to do. I will work with you in a warm and straightforward way, to help you find the right solutions for you.

I see individual clients and couples. Individual counselling is usually arranged for weekly sessions, however I can be flexible to accommodate individual circumstances. Individual sessions are charged at £45 per 50 minutes.

Couples counselling works well with either weekly or fortnightly sessions and is charged at £60 per 60 minute session.

Please have look around my website and get in touch if you would like to arrange an appointment or to make a general enquiry. You can reach me on 01242 323244 and 07510 146452 or you can send an email.

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Debbie Fitchsampson Counselling. Counsellor and therapist in Cheltenham and Bishop's Cleeve. Talking therapy helps.

Talking therapy helps


I offer the choice of two locations in Gloucestershire; in Bishop’s Cleeve and Cheltenham town centre, both locations are within easy reach of Tewkesbury, Evesham and Gloucester.