An Uncomfortable Experience

writing-paperThis is my first post to my new blog and I confess I feel quite uncomfortable writing it. Firstly I am wondering what to write about and secondly I am wondering if anyone will read it. This reminds me that for most of us moving outside our comfort zone can be an uncomfortable experience.

I am reminded of this nearly every time I see a new client. It is not an easy process to find your way into a counselling room and to start talking about yourself to a counsellor. Over time however, most clients are able to relax and make the most of the counselling space and find real benefits from the experience. I feel this is echoed with many new things that we experience; firstly we go through a period of being outside our comfort zone in order to experience something new, and from there we learn, grow and develop.

Until I started my private practice I considered myself to be a private person. The thought of having information about me publically available was most uncomfortable. But working privately meant I could no longer hide in an organisation; I needed to promote myself and so my website came along. Later I joined the Facebook world and more recently I am tweeting away like there is no tomorrow. Nowadays I find myself selling my services and harping on about the benefits of counselling and being interested in all things mental health, to anyone who will listen (or read!).

I have been thrust out of my comfort zone and into the on-line world and have certainly reaped the benefits. My counselling practice has grown, it is small and thriving, just how I want it. I have a whole network of wonderful people I have met on-line and we support each other by sharing business information and a positive attitude.

So why do we blog? Is it to share information or is there more to it than that? I feel a lot happens to us in the process of writing. Writing allows us to express ourselves through the written word, whilst thinking and processing our thoughts. Writing can help us to identify our issues, make things clearer and give us space for reflection.

This is just a light-hearted introductory post. However in the process of writing this I have been thinking about what goes on in our heads when we write and the benefits of writing. So can writing be therapeutic? That sounds like a topic for my next post.

See you soon



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