Change: Automatic Pilot

Change can be a challenge.

What do you think about when you are in the shower, cleaning your teeth or making a cup of tea? Are these activities you can do on automatic pilot? More worryingly; have you ever travelled a familiar route, arriving at your destination wondering how you got there, unable to recall the details of your journey?

We are clever. We can do many things without really thinking about them at all.

What should we do then, when we want to change the way we do something? Being more present, or more aware of what we are [Read more …]

Towards Mindfulness

Mindfulness with Debbie Fitchsampson Counselling

Mindfulness is a subject of much discussion at the moment and is often in the media. However it is not a new concept at all and dates back many centuries. For a while now I have been interested in what mindfulness may have to offer and so I decided to seek some training in mindfulness practice. I really enjoyed a taster session offered towards the end of last year by Mindfulness-West and have now enrolled on a training course with them.

As I start the training I am looking forward to finding out more. I [Read more …]