Towards Mindfulness

Calm water reflecting mindfulness

Mindfulness is a subject of much discussion at the moment and is often in the media. However it is not a new concept at all and dates back many centuries. For a while now I have been interested in what mindfulness may have to offer and so I decided to seek some training in mindfulness practice. I really enjoyed a taster session  offered towards the end of last year by Mindfulness-West and have now enrolled on a training course with them.

As I start the training I am looking forward to finding out more. I want to know what being mindful is all about, the benefits of it and how to pass this knowledge on to my clients when it feels appropriate for them.

Training with Mindfulness-West

Mindfulness-West are a well established provider of mindfulness training and more details about them can be found on their website.

Taken from their website, some of the expected benefits are:

  • Handle difficulties without stress
  • Discover the true richness of your experience, moment by moment
  • Make clear, conscious choices
  • Distinguish subjective thoughts from objective facts
  • Listen more attentively
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Direct your thoughts appropriately

At this stage of my journey I am going to try to be more aware of what I am doing at any given time. This will mean less multi-tasking and fully concentrating on the task I am engaged with. I am going to try to fully experience what I am doing and when I find myself wandering in thought, gently bring myself back to the present moment. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

I will be back soon to let you know how it is going.

Wish me luck!

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