Listening Skills

Listening skills is one of the first things taught in counselling skills training. This may sound a little basic but really listening is not that easy. It takes practice to stay with what someone else is saying, to remain present and not to interrupt.

The problem is, most of the time when someone is talking we are not really listening to what they are saying, instead we are thinking about our related experiences and what we are going to say in reply. I imagine you will know what I mean and have experience of talking only to be interrupted or [Read more …]

April News

It seems that spring is finally here, with lighter evenings and days that are brighter and warmer. I find that this time of year inspires many people to get on and do something new or something they have been putting off for a while.

Recently I have seen a number of new people come into counselling to improve their life or to make some change that they have been thinking about for a while.

All this positivity has rubbed off on me and I have decided to make some changes to my website and include a blog page, that I [Read more …]

Facebook Counselling Page

Debbie Fitchsampson Counselling

Cheltenham Counsellor Debbie Fitchsampson on Facebook

I am delighted with the number of people following my Facebook counselling page. Please take a look for interesting articles and inspiring thoughts related to various aspects of mental health and well being. Please feel free to leave a comment and engage in the conversation. Alternatively you may wish to read the articles in private. Happy reading!