Your Mid Year Review

Your Mid Year Review

Focus on you

Can you believe we are already half way through this year?  Now is a good time for your mid-year review! How are you? Have you achieved some of the things you wanted to this year? I hope so. Take some time over the next week or so to focus on yourself, review where you are and ask yourself, “How am I?”

Your mid year review questions:

1. What has gone well for you this year?
2. Have you congratulated yourself on your achievements?
3. What has not gone well for you?
4. Do you know why? Was it something in your control, something you could have done differently?
5. If it was outside of your control, can you accept what has happened?
6. What would you like to achieve in the second half of this year?
7. Do you have plans in place for supporting your goals?
8. Are there changes would you like to make? If so what are they?
9. How will you achieve these changes?
10. How will things be different for you when you achieve your goals?

Make an effort to think about yourself in a balanced way and try not to focus on the negatives, as we can so easily do when thinking about ourselves. Here are a couple of illustrations:

Review your Anger Management

If you are working on your anger management – think of a time when you controlled and dealt positively with your anger. Don’t just concentrate on the time when your anger wasn’t well managed. If there are moments when you were disappointed with yourself, allow some time to reflect upon these – what happened and how could it have been handled more positively?

Review your Panic Attacks

Perhaps you have had another panic attack, just when you thought you were getting on top of them. Can you think of a time when you did not have one, despite being in a stressful situation. Did you acknowledge this and congratulate yourself? Can you notice an overall improvement or is there more for you to work on?

These are just a couple of examples and you can adapt this approach appropriately for your situation.

You could record this information in your journal and look back at it from time to time.

If you are not used to thinking about yourself in this way this will probably feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but we often grow and learn from our new experiences, so why not give it  a try.

Let me know how you get on and if I can help in any way.


4 comments to Your Mid Year Review

  • Thank you Debbie for sharing this and firstly wow half way into the year already,you soon realise when you see it written down and it puts everything into perspective.Secondly,I really enjoyed reading this,I found your blog easy to read and very informative.I also like how you have given examples of issues that people may experience and how to manage them easier,explaining ho these negatives can be turned into a positive by asking the person to look at how it felt and to record their thoughts and feelings,something that I encourage with my clients.All in all well done and i am looking forward to the next one.Thank you.

  • It’s so good to acknowledge our achievements, sometimes we forget to do that and just focus on the negatives, instead if celebrating the positives in life.

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